Writing 201: Landscape

Writing 201: Landscape

This is a poem found entirely in Robert Crawford’s monograph On Glasgow and Edinburgh (2013).

On Glasgow and EdinburghOn Glasgow and Edinburgh by Robert Crawford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Carefully researched and attractively written, this is a highly informative and insightful guide to both cities on their own and in contrast with each other.


The Athens of the North:

Encyclopaedia Britannica,

Edinburgh Review,

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine,

Chamber’s Edinburgh Journal.


Here I stand at

The Cross of Edinburgh,

And can, in a few minutes, take

Fifty men of genius and learning by the hand.


A city of grand,

Often riverless bridges;

Some historic streets are windswept

In their elevation,

Others oddly and fascinatingly



Mary King’s Close,

Beneath the Royal Mile’s City Chambers,

Has a haunted, museum-like stillness.


A museum exhibit,

A splendid stage set,

A wonderful museum of itself.

12 thoughts on “Writing 201: Landscape

    1. Oh, what a lovely coincidence! That’s so nice to think that you were married at this wonderful street. All the credit for the text goes to the author of the book from which I took the words of my found poem: you might find the book of interest too!

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