Writing 201: Future

Writing 201: Future

The future starts in the past

The past ends in the future

Your first rites turn into your last

The moment you cease to nurture


Cherish yourself as the first

No one knows you but you

How you bury in you the worst

And shy away from the best too


The worst ordeal is the middle

Plodding through the dull present

Allow your best virtue, your worst evil

Only the mediocre are wholly decent


The future begins in your first breath

The past is the moment of your death

22 thoughts on “Writing 201: Future

        1. After careful consideration, I concluded that there is no such thing as “perfect” and “continuous” at the same time. Is it? These are two mutually exclusive features. Sorry, I’m taking this too linguistically.

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    1. Oh my, your compliment put me to shame again… It’s a very silly would-be sonnet, I’m surprised that you or anyone enjoys it… You’re really very good… *wipes a solitary tear*

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    1. Oh yes, I gather that sonnets need to be boring and depressive, hence I attempted to emulate these features… Thank you for reading! I’m still awed that anyone at all enjoys my silly scribbling…

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  1. I’m not poetry person–unless we’re talking limericks–but that one is great! It’s deep without being at all angsty or self-indulgent. And to me, most poetry is angsty and self-indulgent. Kudos 😀


    1. Oh yes, limericks are my newly favourite genre! They are a welcome refreshment to the bleak poetry that I usually favour. Thank you for thinking so highly of my meagre poem…


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