Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward


My reward for anything is that I have a cosy home and a domestic cat in it to return to, unlike this skinny stray thing of a cat spotted in a hospital complex. In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward.

16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

    1. Yes, Lois, I’d like to think that the cat stays around the hospital because patients feed it, hopefully… It was a poor skinny thing, it looked precisely like my own cat, only twice as skinnier… Well, one can’t save the world and all the cats in it, sadly 😦


    1. You got me. Can you imagine what pains I took to smuggle the cat in the photo… I’m running out of cats. Which is a piece of news that will surely delight you 😉 Have a great cat-less weekend (if such a thing is possible, ha)!


    1. You said it. Precisely my thoughts, and I’m glad that I managed to convey them with the photo and the caption. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice weekend!


  1. This picture reminds me of a petition going on in a Mauritius.People are trying to convince the government to stop killing stray dogs.

    I love dogs,but isn’t that what happens in other countries as well? Stray animals are taken to shelters and,because of lack of space,are put to sleep if nobody is interested in giving them a home.I’m interested to know about your thoughts on that issue! Should we let them lead a life of suffering or put an end to it by putting them to sleep?

    It’s a shame really,as dogs and cats will love you more than anybody else if you give them a home and some time of yours. :/


    1. Thank you for sharing your concerns. The topic is very apposite to the photo. I admit I never gave the question too much thought because, luckily, we don’t have major issues here with stray dogs or cats. I do realise that some places have great trouble with strays. I’m aware that we have a strong anti-animal abuse legislative, so when an owner is reported as abusing his or her pet, they can go to jail in the most aggravated cases. You are right that animals are grateful and loving – more than most humans, I think.


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