Photo 101 Rehab: Portrait

Photo 101 Rehab: Portrait

Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab has been focusing on monochrome portraits recently. I don’t do portraits for lack of subjects to shoot, so here is the closest that I came to a portrait. It is a local homeless person, with her backpack in the background on the ground and her breakfast of beer and cigarettes lying on the window sill.

The photo was taken by Nikon D80 and edited in Corel PaintShop with the following adjustments:

  • correcting the perspective and cropping
  • enhancing sharpness and clarity
  • applying a local tone mapping filter
  • desaturating all colours except red
  • using a slight dark blur vignette effect

27 thoughts on “Photo 101 Rehab: Portrait

  1. “Breakfast of champions”! Haha. What company used that slogan? Was it for cereal?

    I don’t shoot many people either. I saw something somewhere recently, I think it was called a spy lens. It has a hole on the side of what looks like a regular lens, so if you are looking ahead, you can take photos of someone off to the side. It would be great for street photography.


    1. Yes, breakfast of champions! That made me giggle inappropriately… The spy lens that you’re describing sounds good! It might save me many awkward encounters, such as with the (wo)man in the picture, who walked towards me as she noticed I was shooting her and was saying something. I didn’t understand her, she sounded drunk, so I just run…

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      1. You just gave me an idea. You know how even the smallest town or village as at least one “character”? There’s this fellow here who goes from garbage can to garbage can collecting cigarettes. If you don’t see him rummaging through one of the garbage cans on the main street he is likely leaning against a power pole at the far end of town trying to hitch a ride home. He stands there for hours swearing at all the people who drive by him. He’d make a wonderful subject for street photography. I could take the photo out the car window. I’d get the finger and all!


        1. Precisely! There is one or more characters to each place! You described your local fellow so vividly that I can imagine him very well… It would be perfect if you could take a photo of this colourful figure! As long as you don’t get hurt in the process.

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  2. I like this shot.

    She (?) looks like she is coming over for a chat, I’ve been experimenting with shooting with my camera at waist level, this usually means that I get pictures of the sky and rooftops and a fraction of a face. This shot is more honest and direct, which I like.

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    1. I’m glad you like it. It may have nearly cost me my life because the lady (?) indeed came for a chat and because I couldn’t understand what she was saying and because she was laughing hysterically while talking, I packed my camera and run as fast as I could… That is, not very fast. Your discreet way of shooting people is too complicated for me to perform. I don’t have the patience.

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  3. I don’t know how to describe what im seeing due to my limited vocabulary but that lady and the painted cat on the wall… Just fits. Lol


    1. Your command of language seems to be anything but limited. But you have a point in that the subject of the photo is somewhat overwhelming. I wasn’t even sure if it was quite right to post it, but then I really liked how the composition worked out — and the cat, of course!

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