Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

The grand reveal of the guessing game prompted by Justine in her Eclectic Corner is here. As Justine herself correctly guessed, though on the umpteenth try, my picture on the theme of protection shows a detail of a whitewashed greenhouse.

Your guesses, as always, were sheer hilariousness. Lucile kicked off with her suggestion that this was a leather coat with angel wings on it. Andy believed that I was stalking him during his pitiful attempt to brush snow off his windscreen. Laura came up with the idea of a door marked by werewolf claws. Albert further elaborated in the same direction and guessed the remains of a coffin which I forcibly clawed myself out of.

Desleyjane thought of the cover of a book, and I promised that I would use this image as the cover if I should ever publish a book. Bor Bor Igmus correctly identified the surface as glass but mistook the paint for frost. Madvanthi smartly suggested that it would be a shed door marked by my cats’ claws or a failed attempt to paint my bedroom door. Finally, Smiling Toad revealed that a coarse paintbrush was involved.

Thank you, everyone, for joining in the fun!

57 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

          1. Oh I’m getting that way too. The gore is too much for me these days. But I love a good scare that only psychological thrillers can give you – oooohhhhh……

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          2. Yes!! I have just one buddy who watches those with me and he lives too far away!! We save up a list so when we’re together we can binge in our scary movies, it’s the best!

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          1. Actually, I surreptitiously joined the last time — as an editor of Andy’s story! Not like it needed many edits. I wouldn’t dare to write my own, so I’m quite happy to edit other people’s stories 😉

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          2. oh of course you could, well not like me, only in that i am me and you are you haha, but equally good if not better, but theres a photo prompt in there too? hint hint…ive not been having any blogging activities last coupleo f days, just busy at home, hence quite, but catching up now xx


          3. So, taking your hint and making it my own, once again I collaborated with Andy on his contribution to your challenge – I was acting as a linguistic advisor in the matter of what sound Eastern European lambs make. You see, a very important contribution!

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          4. haha well i think you need ot come out from hiding behind Andy’s posts and give us some of your original material that you are obviously quite capable of doing…grinzzz lotzzz


        1. Haha, nope, you’re too generous, I would never attempt to whitewash anything, neither would I deliberately introduce an intricate plot only for the sake of confusing you! I believe the glasshouse was whitewashed by the grandfather, and his poor eyesight might have caused some nonstandard markings to occur…

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