Who kisses three times on the cheek?

Closeted communists,

Shakespearean scholars,

Published poets—

He is all the three;

He was wearing glasses and a smile

When he kissed me

Three times on the cheek.

24 thoughts on “Cheeky

    1. Oh, is that actually normal? I thought my colleague was just being quirky… It was sweet though, so I suffered it 😉 I will need to ask him if he’s Dutch!


      1. Maybe to you its not mysterious but to me. ….Who is the colleague. …what did they mean by it……? Male. So many questions. Lol 🙂


        1. So many questions… Precisely what I was thinking when this little incident occurred! Apparently, my colleague just likes kissing his female colleagues on the cheek, meaning nothing much by it… I think? 😉 Thank you for joining me here!

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