Photo 101 Rehab: Baroque

Photo 101 Rehab: Baroque

My today’s contribution to lovely Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab session is a shot of a plague column, a structure often found at the main square of cities in these parts. It was supposed to protect the inhabitants from pestilence, though how exactly remains uncertain.

As always, the photo was taken by my child-toy Nikon D80 and edited in Corel PaintShop. Here are the major edits I performed:

  • correcting the perspective (straightening the walls)
  • enhancing sharpness and clarity
  • applying backlighting
  • increasing local tone mapping
  • applying BW Red filter and BW Clarify filter
  • applying the Dark Vignette filter

21 thoughts on “Photo 101 Rehab: Baroque

  1. This is cool. Thank goodness you corrected perspective 😄 and I really like the filter.
    I wonder what special powers the column had to ward off the plague?!?


    1. Yes, I know, perspective correction is my favourite tool! I’m quite fond of using filters, it is easy but more important, the in-built filters in Corel are quite good. There is a nice assortment of various black and white filters that completely change the mood of the photo when applied.

      I do wonder how the plague columns were supposed to help against the plague too, I admit I don’t know. It was probably just superstition… This particular column however has a little chapel inside of it, and a priest could stand in and hold a service. So here the symbolism is Christian.

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  2. You are a wizard with editing…great transformation. Great shot. I loved it. I’m still wondering about the special powers..If you find something, let us know.


    1. Thank you, humanoid! Yes, I shoot so poorly that whatever edits I accidentally succeed at make the photo look much better than before… I suspect that the special powers of plague columns were largely exaggerated. However, I didn’t get the plague yet, so maybe it is working after all…

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  3. i didnt know which was the before or after but oddly and don’t hate me i prefer the first, the non monochrome maybe my eyes are out of kilter lol, but it drew me in more, the depth and colour x


    1. I don’t hate you but I’m puzzled. Don’t you mind the tilted walls of the buildings that seem to be collapsing in the original picture? It makes me feel sick… But get it that you prefer colour and I will try to think of you the next time! 😉

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        1. Ah, that’s a good explanation a a legitimate argument in favour of the crooked perspective! Still, I think I’ll keep on correcting the perspective because tilted buildings make me dizzy… I know, I’m a bad kitty 😛

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