Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

Two weeks ago, prompted by the lovely Justine and her Eclectic Corner challenge, I presented an ambiguous photo and asked you to guess what it is. Papict tuned in first and identified the picture straight away as the veins in a leaf. I had a hard time creating a diversion from this correct guess! At this point I realised that I didn’t know what kind of leaf exactly it was, and I imagined a mob of angry botanists storming my house and demanding that I procure a sample for them to classify. Armed with poisonous hemlock, brandishing cacti and thorn-studded armour, the botanists would prepare for me a slow and agonising death, which would be streamed live on the blog.

Much to my despair, Liz went on in the same vein, guessing leaf veins, osmosis-like straws. Of course I had to google osmosis and ban Liz for being too smart to participate. Joke. Trent continued in blasting any sense of mystery and laconically observed that it was snowing on my leaf, referring to the snow descending all over the blog and creating an odd contrast with my summer photos. Andy wondered if Lucile and me were frequenting the same pot/cabbage shops in Amsterdam and sought advice on the proper technique of cabbage smoking. He nearly exposed our secret plot to overthrow democracy and establish the dictatorship of the cabbage.

I resorted to cabbage smoking as Justine came over and guessed leaf, undermining her own game. She also called me tarty kitty only because I virtually married two fellow bloggers without her consent, her being my fiancée to be married at Christmas. Joke. Or not. Lucile arrived smoking a smart cabbage pipe and outwitted me by announcing that the photo depicted the leaf of a malus sylvestris. Google enlightened me that this was Latin for crab apple, and I recalled that we indeed had apple trees in the garden. It became obvious that Lucile was one of the evil botanists in disguise on her way to force-feed me hemlock. Her guess was not just correct, it was hypercorrect.

Desleyjane comforted me a bit by guessing the back of a lizard, but then she spoilt it all by second-guessing a leaf. Lisa expressed her discomfort at the news that besides other atrocities of the world, there are killer botanists. Bor Bor Igmus feared that it might be a leaf mimicking, blood thirsty, soul-sucking spider that camouflages itself in order to sneak up on its hapless prey. Second guesses included a leaf mimicking alien invader from the planet Chartreusia, a man-eating locust and a cabbage-eating moth. Albert offered that it might be my veins because I’m a green-blooded Vulcan. Live long and prosper. And Tightshot concluded it could be a green iguana, a green snake or star fruit.

Thank you for everyone’s guesses, it was only you who made the guessing so much fun! And sorry to have disappointed anyone’s boundless fantasy by snapping a meagre apple tree leaf. I’ll do better next time. Or not.

36 thoughts on “Eclectic Corner: Guess What Grand Reveal

      1. Hahaha it’s totally you bringing out the funny bone in people!! Looking at the rest of the comments on this post is definitely a cure for monday blues! Rofl


        1. Oh, why, thank you, this is probably the best compliment ever… *blushing* Really. Yes, like I say, YOU are totally brilliant and your comments are the proof. 😀 Cheers to cabbage and to hilariousness!

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          1. Ah, I love compliments but can’t receive them gracefully, and always when I’m complimented, I think that people are kidding me 😮 Because come on, I suck in everything. *joins your cabbage dance and sucks at it*

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  1. OMGGGG that post had me in stitches, that was soooo funny and my sweet darling kitty of course our marriage is real, I have the dress or should it be a trouser suit? hehe..anyway…your write up is excellent, you deserve a gold star, two, three, I really enjoyed that. This Tuesday is going to be a slightly more serious challenge, I will be missing the guessing game, but it will come around again soon, what is it that they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, it works for us right? 😀

    I think this all goes to show how abstract us blogger’s minds are! grins and goes to smoke some cabbage as my eyes glow luminously against my green skin!

    Actually you were very clever, the photo was so obvious that I thought knowing you it was meant to be that way and was in fact something very abstract that no one would guess..winks lol xx

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    1. Aahh, thank you, I’m so glad that you liked what your challenge brought up! I was so excited to take part and totally overwhelmed by the wonderfully hilarious responses I got from everyone! My post was just a silly puzzle, no puzzle really, but your responses were the best. So thank you!! ❤

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  2. Great summary! I have a crab apple tree in my garden so the fact I couldn’t identify the leaf is evidence that I’m not a hemlock-waving botanist.


  3. HAHAHAHA! Whatever you were smoking or eating before you wrote this, I want some! Absolutely hilarious!!
    There are so many lines in here that made me laugh out loud, I had to put my coffee down to read the rest of this post. Brilliant 🙂


    1. I was smoking cabbage. Like actual cabbage. It’s now a joke in the blogosphere that has replaced pot smoking… The only tragedy is that I didn’t invent the joke. Thank you so much for reading, I’m happy that it was a fun read, and grateful to everyone who made this post!

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  4. The choice was so evident that it became too good to be true (coming for you, of course). It resulted in a hilarious commentary thread, and a brilliantly writen summary, by my always super smart smocking-cabbage wife! *chuckle* I’m at a public space now, what it’s a pity because this post is hilarious. And I guessed it right, although you knew it was a complete converged up guess just to tease you with Latin BS from this non-botanist. I wish I could do the same with the lottery.
    PS. Super funny to read that Joanne thought that cabbage was an euphemism for pot….but I was already 99% sure that this is what most people who read our comments think…LLBS.
    Have a great day, converger! xx


    1. Ooh, you are soo good! For a human, that is. But are you denying you are an arms-bearing botanist? I may or may not believe you. In any case, I love you, my humanoid wife, and thank you for you adorable comment. Have a convergingly good day, and may peace and cabbage win!


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