44 thoughts on “Dew

    1. You would hate the drop in the red if you knew what it was. *evil laugh* And why, yes, I might actually enjoy exploding people’s illusions. Also, will you please tell me how come that you so often come up with such an apposite quote? I want your quote bank.

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  1. I love dew drops. I’ve annoyed my husband and kids many times by holding up a walk for the sake of photographing few drops on foliage.


    1. I think I can imagine your plight! It’s often the same for me, and so I prefer to go out alone and keep my own pace. Which is usually five hundred meters per hour.


    1. You’re a true nature lover, I see πŸ˜‰ Or else a rabbit or some other cabbage eater. Sorry, I’m trying to be funny and failing pathetically. Thank you so much for your appreciative comment, you know that it’s great fun to have you around!

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      1. Lol!! No no you didn’t fail too miserably. I too know that feeling too well. Thank you and ill continue to wander around πŸ˜€


    1. Oh thank you so much! It’s funny that the red one is so popular, I like it the least and nearly didn’t include it. It’s so hard to say what other viewers would like or not, so thank you for telling me! It helps a lot.

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