Scenery with a Cat


My cat looks somewhat melancholic today.

91 thoughts on “Scenery with a Cat

      1. by the time she has thought about it it will have gone. Actually we saw a kestrel drop from the sky and pick up a mouse today wow it was amazing, just like a bullet dropping down infront of our eyes, was quite a shock x


  1. She may be wondering what will happen now that #photo101 is at an end…although possible she has seen something tasty just out of shot and is about to make her move…..


    1. She might be wondering with whom I’ve been cheating on her recently ๐Ÿ˜› And with whom I’m going to cheat on her in the following days because Lucile invited me to join the Photo 101 Rehab! I understand you’re a fellow inmate?

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          1. Very well, but I doubt that the husband will go asleep too soon and leave me to my WhatsApp today… Would it be too weird to grab the phone and hide in the bathroom? That wasn’t a question. It would be weird…

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          2. But then your evidence was extracted by illegitimate means and cannot be used at my divorce court. I may give the husband one last chance and if he makes junk food for dinner even tomorrow, divorce it is. Ha.

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          3. Then he’s a very lucky man…(and Inwas referring however tangentially and inappropriately on a public site to my own back story..) *coughs*


          4. Perhaps. Sometimes minds converge.

            I was worried you’d ask me, reciprocally, why I’m not working… Well, I’ve done some work and now I’m checking that my blog posts for tomorrow the next week are scheduled and fine…

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          5. Ah! *sigh* You’re making me untypically emotional. I only say “ah” and “aw” when talking to my cats ๐Ÿ˜‰ A beautiful photo you have there. Beautifully ambiguous.

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        1. I didn’t know about the book, but I know that it’s a truth universally acknowledged that cats plot how to kill their humans in their spare time. When they’re not sleeping or eating…

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          1. Please report to the Converge HQ for cat selfies. One cat cooperated, the other not so much. I nearly froze to death while at it. If that’s exciting enough?


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