Somewhere in nowhere

A miracle went


20 thoughts on “Miracle

      1. Oh, damn Math. A greater miracle would be the discovery of the guy who started Math exams. That way, he could experience the most painful death on Earth. EVER. πŸ˜›


        1. Amen to that. I coped hard with maths and all maths-like subjects, including physics and chemistry. It was an awful experience and I was overjoyed when I finally came to study English and got rid of all exact sciences!


          1. Seriously? I’m in love with Science and all languages for that matter. Maths is the only subject for which I reserve special dislike πŸ˜›


  1. My view of good deeds — if you have to announce them to the world, you’ve already defeated the goodwill you’ve created.

    Good stuff, Shruti!


    1. Never mind that; you actually got me thinking if Shruti is a cultural allusion I’ve not aware of, perhaps a TV or a film character… Overthinking! Awkward on my part!


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