Dear Dean, Thank You, I Love You

I shared the other day that the future of my academic life or death depended on whether or not the Dean would grant me an extension to complete my doctorate. And *drum roll* a letter by the dear Dean arrived today to this effect! I’ve been allowed another year to finish (or die in the attempt). So, thank you, Dean, and thank you, all, for your support. I love you. I mean, you warm my cold black heart, here and here.

16 thoughts on “Dear Dean, Thank You, I Love You

    1. Thank the gods indeed, unreligious as I am, I nearly prayed before I opened the envelope containing the letter 🙂 The Dean is my hero, of course, I might even try to find his photo online, put it in frame on my bedroom table and worship him. Just joking 😀

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  1. Hooray!!! 😀 I got a bit scared when I saw half of the post in my reader. I’m happy for you, Mara. Enjoy your year and make the best out of it.


    1. Awe, thanks for living through the drama with me… You just gave me the best advice: to make the best out of the extra year that I got. That’s what I’d better do if I ever mean to get my degree. Hope you’re fine and adapting to your new environment!

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  2. That is excellent news, Mara. Congrats on the extension! The road to a Doctorate is a long one, one that I hope to attempt some day (in the field of cultural studies or media). Good luck with your last year, I’m sure you’ll be able to do it 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot, it’s nice of you to wish me well 🙂 ! Wow, you’re a fellow serious student, that’s great! And cultural studies or media are excellent choices, surely with good chances of employment too. Good luck to you too!


      1. I wish I was a more serious student…should have done a thesis in my uni days! I really regret not doing so as it makes a path to a Doctorate program much more difficult! Let us know when you finish it and we will all celebrate here for you 🙂


        1. Oh, I’m sure you’ll manage even without a thesis, once the time comes 🙂 I will tell literally everyone when I finish my studies, so there’s no chance you’d miss it! It’s not going to be sooner than next summer, though, I think I’ll need the entire extra year that I was granted…


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