Ella looks like she liked her dinner.

29 thoughts on “Yummy

    1. Is that scary?! It didn’t occur to me at all! Maybe it’s because I know my cat and know very well that she’s not scary in fact. The other day she even let a mouse go — she sniffed at it and instead of catching it, she just let it run… So how scary is she? 😉


    1. Haha, that is true 🙂 I suspect it was the day when I gave her her favourite meat pouch for cats. She usually eats it up in a single sitting like she hasn’t eaten for days and then she retires in the garden to wash herself and go to sleep. Cat’s life 😉


    1. You made me laugh 😀 My cat learned this face from me, it’s how I look when I spot food. When I spot chocolate, though, my expression is even more enthusiastic. I look very undignified while at it, so I’ll refrain from describing my appearance :-p


    1. Scary?! Who’d be scared of the most peaceful cat in the world? It’s not like she eats people for dinner! I suspect she’s fully incapable of hunting for food, so she only eats what I serve her, and it’s just innocent cat food 🙂


      1. The way she’s licking, my god THAT is scary. My cat was the laziest creature on the planet who couldn’t hurt a fly! 🙂


        1. I think my cat is humane to hurt or even kill things… As much as cats can be humane 🙂 And it’s good to hear that other cats are no hunters either, be it out of humane reasons or out of laziness!


          1. Well, I’m relieved, because my cat’s mom is the best hunter in our area, and I’m sure she must have felt ashamed of such an offspring. Glad to know there are other such cats too 😛


          2. That’s funny! My other cat is incidentally a great hunter too, she brought five mice overnight the other day… The cat in the picture probably never caught a mouse in her life!

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