On Holiday from 13/08 to 23/08

This is a heads up that I’ll be on holiday and largely off internet from 13th to 23th August. My blog posts will be scheduled, but I probably won’t be able to respond to your comments immediately and keep up with your blogs. Sorry about that.

If you’re a robber planning to do our house, don’t, there will be still people in: grandma with a broken arm, granddad with a broken leg — not kidding — and the rest of the family caring for them, plus two bad cats. If you’re a fellow blogger, stay patient, I’ll be back (unless the Russians shoot our flight down) and catch up with you!

If you like, follow me on Instagram for holiday photos from Greece, and in any case, have a happy summer!

22 thoughts on “On Holiday from 13/08 to 23/08

  1. You are going to GREECE!!! How lucky!!! I’ve always wanted to go there!!! Bon Voyage, and have a happy journey!!! 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot for you well wishes! I guess I’ll need that; I’m rationally not afraid of flying, but still, I’m not comfortable on planes 😦 I hope Greece will be worth it! (I think it will!)


  2. I’m so happy you are going to Greece! I admit it is for a selfish reason: I want to see your pictures!! I loved Greece and found it to be what you make of it. It’s fantastic if you want to relax or fill every second with sightseeing. Have an amazing time and post pictures! I’m curious to see if you and I will have similar pictures like both of our Prague photos 🙂 Enjoy!


    1. Haha, yes, I’d love to compare our photos, but — you’ll probably hate me because we’re going to Crete specifically, not the continental Greece 😦 We don’t anticipate travelling to the continent, though we do plan to explore the island. I’m not sure if you’ve been to Crete too? I’d love to see the historical sights in Greece, but at the same time I prefer a quieter holiday place, so we picked Crete. It looks very homely. So, maybe there won’t be photos to compare, but there will be photos! 😀


      1. Oohhh nice! I have been to Crete actually. My pictures of Paleochora and Chania are from Crete 🙂 You will adore it I’m sure and in my opinion it’s much more suited to a relaxing holiday than say Athens. I found the people to be very welcoming. Time can stop there if you want it to 😉 I’m still very excited for photos!


        1. Very well then! I’ve just put the two names down and I’ll see if we get the chance to visit these spots too 🙂 Good to hear that you think Crete is more relaxing than busy, that’s what we were hoping for! (Also, the awkward moment we you stop talking about yourself in singular and start to use plural as “hubby and me”… You’ll see that we you and your fiancé marry — or you may be doing it already 😉 )


    1. Thanks for your wishes of safe journey, I’ll need that! I’ll definitely make a photo gallery when I’m back, it’s not often that I travel somewhere, so I’ll be eager to share 😀 Have a nice summer meanwhile and see you later!


    1. Ooh, thanks a lot! I’ll need all the luck, it’s a big time trip for me 😮 I hate it that I won’t able to write really during the holiday, but I hope I’ll return with lots of stories to record later and, of course, great photos! Maybe nowhere as great as yours, you look like a much more experienced traveller and photographer, but I’ll do my best. Meanwhile, have fun and happy summer!

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  3. Have a great holiday. I hope your flight path is going the long way around! Sounds like a good story re grandma and pa… would love to hear how that all happened. Have a great time and “see” you on your return.


    1. Thanks for you well wishes! They’ll come in handy… My unfortunate grandparents have no good story to tell about their injuries, actually, it’s quite simple. Grandma stumbled on a hose in the garden and week ago, fell and broke her arm. Granddad slipped on wet stairs, fell and broke his leg. Except he was acting heroic and refused to be taken to hospital until two days later. Poor dears. Good that we have an extended family to help, now that we’re leaving for holiday — paid for and scheduled before the incidents happened. I’ll love to wish you a happy summer, but I understand you have winter now 😉 So, have a nice day and see you later!


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