#357 Couple

#357 Couple


I wonder if these shadows of my husband and me with our cameras are more cute or creepy.

15 thoughts on “#357 Couple

    1. Oh, that’s funny, an interesting interpretation! We are in a way soldiers of photography because here were are resting after a photoshooting trip 🙂


    1. Haha, yeah, creepy, that much I thought… I must tell my hubby that’s he’s creepy and scary and should do something about himself 😀 Of course, I’m not the creepy one in this picture, right 😉 Thanks for stopping by, you put a huge silly smile on my face!


        1. Ha! Of course I’m the prettier shadow, you see, the one sitting on the left is me. And the ugly huge shadow looming over me is creepy hubby! I hope we agree that it’s always the husband’s fault, even if it’s not — just kidding 😀


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