#333 My Shadow

#333 My Shadow


This is me being creepy.

24 thoughts on “#333 My Shadow

  1. You should try it in black and white for additional creepiness. The arch shadow made me think of the Vetruvian Man more than Nosferatu.


    1. Ha! How did it not occur to me before? I should have made it black and white for sure! So next time. And yes, the resemblance to the Vetruvian Man is not coincidental.


    1. I’m a huge shadow play fan too! I didn’t have the time to finish the last four or so tasks of 101, but I still plan to complete it at my leisure… I can’t just abandon it!


          1. Hehe and I see your liking pressing the like star on comments I get excited seeing your gravatar and expect a comment but nothing there it is like a tease! ๐Ÿ™‚


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