In the Shade


The cat is not weirdly striped; it’s just shadow play on her fur.

21 thoughts on “In the Shade

    1. It’s funny that a few shadows here and there made my cat a fashionista 😀 She’s normally plain black. Thanks for stopping by and my cat says thanks for the compliment!


      1. Tell your cat I doubt it was purely coincidence that she was laying right there. A true fashionista is always aware of what looks good! Even when they are sleeping.


          1. My favorite cat growing up we named Sox. The majority of his fir was white except for some black on his nose, back and of course his feet–which were all black. He was the most unusual cat I ever had, because no matter how far away he was, if I called and he could see me he would come running to me. It must have been love.


          2. What a lovely story! I very much understand. Cats can be as loyal as any dog, but few people realise that…

            I have two cats: the black one in this photo is aloof and independent, and she only comes to me when she thinks I have food.

            My other cat is an incredibly cuddly creature who sleeps in my lap and like your Sox, she always happily runs to me when she sees me coming. And yes, it’s surely love 🙂


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