#331 Scared

#331 Scared


This statue looks very scared to me. Aren’t there any nice statues at all? In contrast to the unlovely statue, here is a lovely poem by my volunteer collaborator Ronovan (don’t forget to check out his blog!):

I must say to thee,
No, you are not welcome here,
Now away with you.

8 thoughts on “#331 Scared

      1. Ha! I didn’t spot them either. I was actually just answering your question about whether nice statues exist because I happen to be fond of gargoyles.


        1. Aah, I can see what you mean now! This is just a small bit of a large and complex statue, and there are gargoyles on it too. Yes, gargoyles are a nice detail 🙂


          1. You just taught me a new word: misericords. I fear I’ll soon forget it though 😦 I don’t even know an equivalent of this in my mother tongue… Oh my ignorance…


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