Fast Asleep


No need for concern. This cat is perfectly alive; she poses like dead when she’s sleeping purely for the sake of frightening me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

269WPPLetters In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.

In keeping with the seasonal spirit of Easter Egg Hunt, I was hunting for letters all over the place for this photo prompt. And I found them where you wouldn’t normally expect it: in the nature. On closer look on the photo, you’ll see what looks like made up words rather insensitively carved in the bark of a birch tree. I don’t recognise the words in any language I know. Do you?

#269 Something’s Home

#269 Something’s Home


The hole is either something’s home or a random hole. In either case, bad news for the building.


Blogging 201: Blogging Buddy Wanted!

Day eleven of Blogging 201 comes with an enticing idea: to find a blogging buddy and write guest posts for each other’s blogs. Whew! The mere thought of this makes me nervous and excited. (Hence my shaky typing, sorry if it makes you dizzy.) I’d love to go for blogging bonding but I need to think over the details first. Now I imagine myself on a blogging buddy hunt.

Advertisement: Be my Valentine Blogging Buddy!

Are you socially stunted, shy and scared? Do you enjoy bleak humour, morbidity and sardonicism? Email me! Are you happy, cheerful and life-loving? Do you enjoy cooking, socialising and partying? Hands off! (I mean: I’d love your guest post, but my readers would think my blog was hacked or hijacked by some smiley terrorists.)

Nope, in the light of the above nightmarish vision, I don’t think I could ever find a blogging buddy. It was awful enough to find a life partner, so how would I be lucky twice and find a blogging partner too? (Unless I clone myself, which I’d hate to because one me is hard enough to deal with. Ask my husband. – Don’t.)

Still, on an uncharacteristically optimistic note, I issue the following call for action. If you’re a fellow pessimist committed to finding a partner in crime, get in touch and we could be depressed together! Guest posts optional. Blackly comic outlook on life not. (P.S.: Please don’t try to cheer me up. Indulge me. Thank you.)

#268 Posing

#268 Posing


I’m posing like nobody’s looking. And indeed nobody was. People are rare in my village.


Blogging 201: Thou Who Workest Online

Today’s task on Blogging 201 challenge is three-in-one: leave five comments, build a blogroll and publish a comment policy. (Anything else? Are you trying to overwork us, WordPress? It’s not like I’m blogging for wages, right?)

The five comments are done with easily: I comment daily, and occasionally a swift exchange of comments turns into what is more of a live chat. (Blessed art thou who workest online 24/7. I mean: I have a convenient laptop job.)

The blogroll is a nice try, except incorporating a blogroll meant for me overhauling the entire navigation menu in order to fit the blogroll in. I hated it. But I did it. See how obliging I am? (WordPress? Anyone? Thumbs up for me?)

The comment policy I chose to ignore. I’m for open comment policy and my spam filter is working fine, so I never had to moderate comments. All comments get published right away and responded as soon as possible. (Try it out and see!)

How did you do with this multi-task? Are you an avid commenter or are you shy? Do you have a blogroll? What about a comment policy, do you need one? Let me know, your inspiration and insights are always wanted!

#267 Something Bright

#267 Something Bright


I shot this in front of a shopping mall. I may be the only living woman who prefers shooting to shopping.


Blogging 201: Only Connect

The title of this post is an allusion to E. M. Forster’s Howards End, a fine but tame novel that reads as late Victorian rather than early twentieth-century. The novel has no relation to the blogging challenge whatsoever, but as a literary professional, I’m a prey to random quotes popping up in my head and spilling on my blog. (Good luck with wading through this word spillage.)

Today’s task on Blogging 201 does involve connecting though, specifically, setting up a blog page connecting to your other social media. The instructions offer no alternative entertainment for those who have been there and done that. (I am one of those overachievers, in case you wonder.) With my Connect page all set up and ready to go, I invite you to take a look at it — and connect.

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If you share my enthusiasm for words in general and language and literature in particular, you’ll find this (and other) type of content on my Twitter feed. If you’re into photos, especially macro and decay, you’re likely to enjoy my Flickr photostream. If you like random finds, you can go and browse my Pinterest boards. I’m always happy to connect, so feel free to reach out!



Oh, no no no, it was too cold always

(Still the dead one lay moaning)

I was much too far out all my life

And not waving but drowning.

–Stevie Smith

#266 Tin Canvas

#266 Tin Canvas


I keep on being fascinating by decay. That’s probably the best you can do in decaying surroundings. This particular sample of decay is a close-up of a random surface found in the backyard.