#272 Flower Power

#272 Flower Power


Flowers have a strange power which attracts me to fiddle with them. I don’t pluck, I just shoot.

23 thoughts on “#272 Flower Power

          1. Ok, also send a green thumb as I can’t seem to ever get them to grow into full flowers. Yet, I planted a garden last summer with 8 different vegetables ha.


          2. Hm, that won’t do, I’m keeping all green thumbs for myself because anything I ever attempted to grow died. In fact, I gave up flowers and switched to pets — a daring step indeed, but I’m happy to report that my turtle and my two cats are fine and very much alive.

            Eight kinds of vegetables? Are there even so many of them? πŸ˜€


          3. Very well then. I’ll make a mental note on the existence of vegetables but I think I’ll stick to my Oreos and Nutella. Chocolate surely gives me all the nutrition I need πŸ˜‰


          4. That is an amazing combination indeed. You can’t go cheap though. I tried the knock-off brands and its like eating stale Easter egg candy. Ewww. But you can also use it to patch drywall. πŸ™‚


          5. No, I can’t go cheap, the cheap pseudo-chocolate tastes awful to me. I wish I weren’t so choosy! On the other hand, I have a male provider to feed me; and should the need arise, I have a garden where things are actually grown by the grandparents. Maybe one day I’ll go and explore what (un)eatable things we have there! πŸ˜‰


  1. Especially when you have a garden like yours! You’ve taken snaps of so many beautiful flowers!
    I think you even told me once you have apples and strawberries too??


    1. Oh yes, apples and strawberries and whatnots, I don’t even know… But I admit to cheating a bit: I took this particular photo in a public park… πŸ˜‰


      1. Oh,but apples and strawberries are enough to make a garden exceptional.In Mauritius we don’t have such fruits and have to import them from other countries.That’s pretty awesome to have an apple tree in your garden.You should one day take a picture of it! And how do you usually do? Grab an apple from the tree and eat it?

        What we have here includes papayas,bananas,and mangoes,any of which I’m not a fan.In some cold regions,cherry trees tend to grow.I’m also lucky enough to have starfruits falling in my yard.The tree is for my neighbor,but is bent into my yard.


        1. Oh dear, your comment made my day! It’s fun to compare our views and perceptions: for you, mangoes are normal, for me, it’s exotic fruit that is not even widely available here.

          Apples and strawberries are very very common, so are cherries, apricots, plums and others. I’m not a great fan of fruit, I’m a chocolate addict, but yes, it’s an ordinary thing to walk out in the garden, pick an apple from the tree and eat it on the spot.

          Our apple trees are small and it’s not possible to take a picture of the entire tree without having too many interfering things in the background (most of the neighbour’s garden, some sheds and so on), but I’ll be definitely shooting close-ups when the apples start to grow. It’s a promise πŸ˜‰


      1. lol
        I hope you manage to get to vote on my post..grins..I put a poll for the first time and I wrote a bit of my childrens story for the first time too, ehhe and gues what I updated flickr again LOl, only another 600 to go x


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