Rain today,

Frost tonight,

Ice tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Forecast

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me really, we’ve had awful weather swings recently. We had a hot February (I mean, really hot, up to 15°C) and now we’re having a cold spring.


  1. In Finnish Lapland (that North of Finland) they gonna get at least 15 cm of snow next night. So when it’s almost summer in the South, it’s full winter in the North. It’s not very unusual though. You can still ski there in May.


    1. Ugh, you’re making me feel cold! Finland is a fascinating country for sure but I don’t think I could bear living there, especially in the north. Now I will be grateful even for the cold spring that we have here now! 😉


        1. Hm, very well then, so I must remember the obvious: to visit Finland in summer only 😉 Still, I’d prefer to live somewhere where the weather throughout the year is spring-like!


    1. Yes, weird for sure, I remember the weather used to be more reasonable when I was a kid! Now it’s all swings, from hot to freezing, it’s ridiculous.


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