Blogging 201: And They Blogged Happily Ever After

It’s the last day of Blogging 201! Where did all the days go? I demand equal learning opportunity, give me my course back! *stomps foot and waits*

*still waits* While I’m waiting, I can very well dive in today’s task. The instructions say to organise a blogging event or attend a blogging conference. Well, how practical is that? I recall there was about a thousand bloggers signed up for Blogging 201, so if everyone threw a blogging event, who would be left to participate in them? I’m not throwing anything at this point, it’s not like I’m a Great Gatsby or someone who can throw events at their leisure. Maybe later when I’m rich / famous / brilliant / bored (delete as applicable, but I’m sure I’m not going to be any of these, not in my current incarnation).

The idea of a blogging conference is still impractical for my purpose but somewhat less impractical than a blogging event. Now, I meant to write a scathing satire criticising the americentrism of Blogging 201 because I was sure there were no blogging conferences even on my continent. Alas, I was shocked to discover that there was already one WordPress conference held straight in my country. (Again, I doubt there will be any more because we’re not this kind of guys here, but the fact that there were enough bloggers in this forsaken land to justify a blogging conferenced amazed me.)

So, I’m putting these tasks on my to-do-later list, and that’s a wrap! (*bursts into uncontrollable sobs*) Thank you for indulging me and for being my best ever classmates!

4 thoughts on “Blogging 201: And They Blogged Happily Ever After

  1. Hay, I dunno if this counts but I have found a blogging group, of sorts, similar to a blog meetup except that we will not be meeting in person. The Commons is still open so there you can look for me or for Fantasy Angel – the post will mention LBsquared. See if you like it.


    1. Thanks a lot for the tip! You guided me in the right direction (it’s awful trying to find something in the Commons). I asked some questions and I’ll see what will come out of it! Thanks again for stopping by and helping a clueless person out 😉


    1. Ooh, thank you so much, Merel! I’m incredibly flattered that you chose to nominate me! I can’t promise I’ll work on accepting the award soon (I’ve got several of these recently, the lucky girl that I am!) and currently I’ve run out of blogs to nominate… In any case, I value your nomination a lot, and I will keep on thinking about how best to go about it 🙂 Happy blogging to you!

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