Blogging 201: On Space Suits and Monetisation

Today’s task on Blogging 201 is to put on our SEO suit. Suit what? Is it something like an anti-radiation suit? And should I bring a gas mask too? (I’m good with gas masks, I’ve had gas mask drills since kindergarten, so I handle gas masks like a piece of cake. – And no, I don’t eat gas masks, I meant that figuratively, you nit-picker, you!)

Full disclosure: I know what SEO is, and I was just pulling your leg. (Better than pulling your hair, right?) I also know that, because I mentioned the phrase “gas mask” five times in the previous paragraph, this article will be thrown up by search engines anytime some poor paranoid soul (or police department) searches gas masks.  (Poor policeperson, you.)

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Wait. I just noticed the assignment instructions say CEO suit, not SEO suit. Now, SEO I can take, but CEO is all space suit to me. (I think the saying is “It’s all Greek to me,” but I like space suit better. It’s to the same effect too.) Apparently, I need this suit to start monetising my blog, which is the point of today’s task. So, you say my blog could stop eating money and start earning some?

That’s too good to be true. For the sake of exercise, I researched the options available and found that none of them is a natural match for me. (What a shock!) I don’t even qualify for some of the ad affiliates for the logical yet comical reason that I neither blog from nor cater for civilised parts of the world. So, with my (figurative!) tail between my legs, it’s time to crawl back in my clay hut.

7 thoughts on “Blogging 201: On Space Suits and Monetisation

  1. LoL….I would like to see you wear an SEO suit…mmmmm that conjurs images, do you get an image from it, what do you think it would look like, really an anti radiation suit? lol


    1. My kinky fiancée, you! I believe an SEO suit would be very uncomely, very formless and very ugly. I refuse to wear it. I’d rather go naked. (Does that conjure scary images? 😉 )


      1. Haha you naked? Wow you must really hate the suit considering how much I know you hate being naked. Well i think it might be like an invisible suit covered in words and codes, could be quite interesting hrrm?


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