#241 Photoshopped Train

#241 Photoshopped Train


Doesn’t the train look cute? I assure you that in fact it’s far from that. I’m going to offer this heavily photoshopped image to the local railway company for advertising.

13 thoughts on “#241 Photoshopped Train

    1. Ha πŸ™‚ I doubt they’d say anything at all, they’re notoriously the worst service provider in the country and they’re abusing their dominant position on the market. Now I’m stepping off my soapbox and calming down…


          1. You and childish? Well, I don’t know, but I doubt that! But you know, I’m often being hysterical, which is kind of worse.

            I didn’t keep up my plan to publish an article a week for the first time this week because I was too busy, but now I’m putting the good old rant on my list of tips for articles! Hope to get down to writing something soon, also funny stories that happened to me are piling and no time to write them!


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