Bride of Quietness

Literature transforms and intensifies ordinary language, deviates systematically from everyday speech. If you approach me at a bus stop and murmur, “Thou still unravished bride of quietness,” then I am instantly aware that I am in the presence of the literary.

–Terry Eagleton

8 thoughts on “Bride of Quietness

  1. Nice quote! That’s exactly how I feel towards literature!
    And just asking…why are you fond of Scottish literature? And how did you,a Czech citizen,become acquainted with it?


    1. An excellent question! I got to Scottish literature when it was recommended to me by a professor, whom I’ll be forever grateful for this discovery. Scottish writing tends to be all that I am: depressive, blackly humorous, self-depreciative, linguistically inventive, occasionally morbid, iconoclastic… The list goes on. If you’re interested in getting a feel of what 20th century Scottish writing is like, I recommend a masterpiece by Alasdair Gray called Lanark: A Life in Four Books. 🙂

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      1. I have just googled the book to see what it is all about.Apparently it is a book that I should have known about as it is regarded as a classic by many.So thanks for recommending it to me! 😉


        1. Well, I do recommend it, but it’s a hard book and not everyone finds it to their taste. Don’t worry, it’s not considered one of the world classics by anyone, it’s the key text in modern Scottish literature, which, sadly, is still rather provincial in influence and importance. So not having read Lanark is hardly any omission! 😉

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          1. Oh,but Wikipedia classifies it as a ‘cult classic’.
            I will most certainly give it a go one day or soon, and if it is the key text in modern Scottish literature,then it surely must be great!
            Besides the relatively ‘few’ people who have read the book have heaped praise on it on goodreads! 😉


          2. Yes, I saw Wikipedia calls Lanark a cult classic and it puzzled me a bit. I’d call Trainspotting, for instance, a cult classic, not Lanark. But whatever. I’m happy you consider adding it on your reading list! 😉


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