Neighbour’s Dog

Neighbour’s Dog

Not barking but howling


killing me cruelly

with his h———o———w———l.

8 thoughts on “Neighbour’s Dog

    1. Yep, I admit to hating this particular dog. It’s a poor creature, he hardly gets any attention from the owners, he is disobedient and he howls a lot. A lot. I can’t help hating him for his howling 😦 I do love dogs normally though.


        1. I am sorry for the dog, but I doubt there’s anything anyone could do — the neighbours clearly do not consider it mistreatment when they don’t pay attention to their dog. Sadly, it’s a very common attitude in the rural areas here, where animals are not thought of as pets but rather as livestock.

          I have troubles enough trying to convince my grandparents not to mistreat my cats — they feed the cats human food leftovers and whatnot and they just wouldn’t listen to me or even believe me when I tell them, for example, that cats mustn’t be given cow milk because they can’t digest it…


          1. We do feed our dogs sometimes left overs, well used to, but teddy has such a sensitive stomach he has to eat gastro sensitive specialist food form the vets which cost us a fortune he is the most expensive dog we have ever had, complete nightmare though we love him lots.

            Its very sad about that dog, very sad indeed, but I guess that is how things go sometimes, they used to be like that in Spain where my dad used to live x


          2. Please don’t be too upset about that dog of my neighbours, I didn’t mean to disturb you… At least, the dog has a shelter and is fed, so let’s keep it at this…

            Your Teddy competes with my mom’s dog in the expenses — mum has a cross-breed of dachshund and god know what and the poor creature has constant health issues too. Still, they are our pets, right? 😀


          3. Hehe, you’ve forgotten about the dog!! That’s actually good 😉 Yep, you’re right, one must know when one has pets enough; I myself know I’m not having more than two cats too.


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