The Big Reveal: The Blogger Discloses Her Whereabouts

The Big Reveal: The Blogger Discloses Her Whereabouts

A wonderfully curious young man, Kainzow, recently showed a great interest in my home country. He contended, and I’m paraphrasing here, that I’ll be probably the only native of the land that he’ll ever know. Back at you, Kainzow, your country is as exotic to me as mine is to you. Fascinated by your fascination, I decided to answer your questions not in a comment, but in a post. And this is it.

So where I’m from? *drum roll* The Czech Republic. *drum roll dies* In order to save you all the effort, I’ll locate this middle of nowhere for you on the map. A conflicted nation as we are, our precise location is hard to agree on. Geographically, it’s Central Europe; but mentally, we’re firmly rooted in the former Eastern Bloc, hence Eastern Europe. There are even some pretentious natives that feel part of Western Europe. *snort* As my snort suggests, I don’t believe that a Second World country has the right to count itself among the civilised world.

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I was asked how it feels to live in the Czech Republic. Well, it’s not up to much. Sure, there are plenty of worse places to end up in, but there are also plenty of better ones. I was asked how we feel about our national celebrities, like Pavel Nedved (footballer), Milan Kundera (writer) and others. I’m convinced that the general feeling is envy of their success. They are people who made it—and significantly, who didn’t stay in the country. This is no place to stay if you’re an achiever.

I was also asked about Prague, the capital city. Sadly, I’m not well qualified to sing its beauties. To the natives, the capital city means job opportunities, traffic jams and the centre of very much everything. It is considered good manners to visit the capital once in your lifetime if you don’t live there, but other than that, the touristy city centre and its fetching high prices don’t concern you. There’s nothing to do there besides sightseeing, and that’s not what you do as part of everyday life.

I wasn’t asked if I feel proud to be Czech. Much to my relief, because I don’t have to give a direct answer now. As much as the shocking statement that I feel nothing particular about my country isn’t a direct answer. When I’m proud of something, then I must have a sound reason for it. The random circumstance of being born somewhere is not a sufficient reason. Instead of pride, I experience embarrassment or outright shame. Such as when the only Czech person that foreigners know is neither Nedved nor Kundera, but our former kleptomaniac president.

7 thoughts on “The Big Reveal: The Blogger Discloses Her Whereabouts

  1. I remember when I was a kid,I didn’t know which International team to support.Instead of jumping on the England,Brazil and France bandwagons,I cheered for the Czech Republic,because they had Pavel Nedved.I even brought him to Manchester United in Fifa 06 (a video game).Never ever would I have imagined that I would one day ‘meet’ a Czech blogger! 😮

    Honestly,thank you very much for this post.I am from a very uninteresting little country and being passionate about history,I always wonder how it feels to live in a big country which has witnessed the births of great people and the occurrences of many historical events! I very rarely meet people from other countries and I like to know them and their countries better by asking them such questions,instead of relying on stereotypes.

    It was also great to see Prague and the reality of the Czech Republic from your point of view,as too many people think Czech Republic = Prague.

    And the video of your former President at work is hilarious!Haha,I didn’t about that!

    Once again,thanks a lot! I ignored so much about the Czech Republic.It is one of those big countries which many people have heard of but about which barely anybody knows something.I didn’t know how life behind the white,red,and blue flag was and I’m glad I’m able to make an idea about it now!Very very insightful! – you have no idea! 😀


    1. Whew, what a great comment! It seriously fascinates me that you’re interested in my country — and the faraway and exotic world in general. Very commendable. (I admire you because I rather lack this curiosity.)

      Most people, me including, believe that Czech Rep. is not a big but a small country (it’s relative, I know!) and that it’s a country that doesn’t matter at all. All countries have their history and their personalities for sure, and I think mine has relatively little to offer when compared with the bigger and/or more important countries, like Britain, or even the US, for example.

      Your story about Nedved moved me… Well, we used to play some good football in the late nineties, but not so much now.

      Without meaning to force you into anything, I would absolutely love if you could sometime post a little introduction of your country for a change — or should I just read Wikipedia to learn more? 😉 Your, insider’s, view would be nice and surely more insightful than what I can read in a general encyclopaedia!


        1. Thank you so much for taking the challenge that I imposed on you! It’s a very rewarding post — now I’m heading over to your blog to re-read it 🙂


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