Wrist Brace Wonder

Wrist Brace Wonder


I’ve been plagued by carpal tunnel pain recently. I got myself a wrist brace without hoping for much, but the thing is a genius. I feel almost no pain when using the brace combined with a mouse pad with wrist support. Now I can click on happily until my hand eventually falls off.

In response to FireBonnet’s Random Moments of Delight challenge #10.

22 thoughts on “Wrist Brace Wonder

  1. The like is for having found something that helps you – not for having blooming carpal tunnel. 😀

    I’m currently wearing a very similar one indeed. However, I find with it being so short I still move the wrist at times. Great for convenience, and so easy to take on and off, but I’ve now ordered myself one of those long braces with the metal support… might not be good for during the day, but I’m hoping I will atleast be able to sleep with it on, and give the wrist complete rest then.


    1. A fellow sufferer! Poor dear… Wishing your wrist good health!

      This brace works very well for me, but I must check every now and then that it’s tight enough – occasionally it gets loose and provides little support then. The more elaborate long braces with metal support look great, I’d certainly consider one of these too, even though just for the night or for home. When I’m wearing my simple and not too striking brace at work, people keep on inquiring and it’s getting bothersome – I wonder what they would say if I turned up wearing a significantly more striking metal brace and looking like a RoboCop.


  2. If you’re thinking of ordering a snazzy new RoboCop arm (!), shop around for prices. I check out the local pharmacy, and the price was over double what I could get it for online… and again that was over double the price of ordering from China. So, I ordered from China. 😀

    Delivery is normally good, and I find items arriving between 1-2 weeks. I’m hoping my pain will be gone by then, although I doubt it, but having realised this is proably something that will be reoccuring due to artihritis, I figured I’d go for it anyway. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261253997659


    1. Thanks for the tips! Sure, I always do research before buying. Even when buying a light bulb, I’m trying to find the best quality/price balance…

      The other day, though, I was trying to order something from China via Amazon, but Amazon wouldn’t ship the item to my country. I guess I’d need to visit directly the Chinese seller next time.


        1. Well, and IF my hand happens to fall off anyway, there’s still the RoboCop arm (in case you haven’t seen the previous conversation, it’s a finger-to-elbow orthesis with metal support).


  3. I’m so glad you found something that works! I’m now ambi-mousetrous and use different kinds of meese (got a regular one and a rolling ball). By switching it up left to right hand and changing mice daily I’m able to keep my right forearm, wrists and right shoulder free of pain!
    If you get a robocop arm, please share a pic! 😉


    1. You just taught me a new word: ambi-mousetrous. I had to google it!

      Don’t worry, either if my hand falls off or if I replace it by a Robocop extension, I’ll keep you posted.


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