Leaving for the Normal

Leaving for the Normal


The last thing I considered leaving was the academia. I thought it might be nice to be normal for a change. And then I realised that as a non-academic I would be forever unhappy.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Crossroads.

6 thoughts on “Leaving for the Normal

    1. Thank you, Meghan, for your kind comment! As a commuter who always carries a camera on her, I have plenty of photos of the railway, so I’m happily utilising them one by one!


  1. Oh, you’re an academic? In what field do you teach or research? My career goal is to become a university lecturer of Linguistics, most likely specialising in Sociolinguistics. I’m currently in my second year of my undergraduate degree. The more I research careers in academia, the more I feel confident that it is what I really want to do.


    1. I know you’re a fellow academic and I’m glad for that! 😉 I’ve seen some of your linguistic articles on your blog.

      I’m a PhD student in English Literature (I specialise in Scottish fiction), but my duties involve teaching at the university too. Mostly academic writing, editing, bibliography and such.

      Glad to hear that you’re happy with your choice of career – me too, after all! It was just a moment of weakness when I thought I could do something less stressful, but really, it wouldn’t work for me.


      1. Thanks! That’s the first time I’ve been called an academic and I consider it a compliment. 🙂 I normally think of myself as just a lowly student. 😉

        Ah, English Literature. What a wonderful field! I nearly pursued that at uni but switched to a Spanish and Linguistics degree. I still love reading and writing about literature as a hobby. But I think I made the right choice in pursuing Linguistics.


        1. I prefer the term “aspiring academic” for obviously serious students like you and me 🙂

          Linguistics and literature are close fields; it’s a good choice to have one as a profession and another as a hobby.


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