Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


This is a follow-up to one of my previous posts here. It’s not pretty. But you were asking for it.

In response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

  1. No joking,when I saw the prompt,I instantly thought of you.I had almost forgotten this window and instead had in mind the pictures of the ‘attic’ of your grandfather (I hope I’m not mistaken!).

    That being said,this window is perfect for this prompt! It really is ‘abandoned’ in every sense of the word! 😀


    1. Oh, you are so attentive to remember the attic! I quite forgot that one because sadly, granddad tidied up the place so that you would not recognise it! There is a lot of decay where I live, so this prompt was made for me!


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