The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

Pebbles and polish
Pebbles and polish

I attract street sweepers and building cleaners. I wonder if it’s because I’m clean and neat or because I’m dirty and disordered. (My mirror says it’s the former. Hopefully.) I love that they love me but they scare me. Consider this.

The other day I was literally crawling in the street, busied with taking macro photos of cobblestones and minding my own business. Suddenly a voice behind my back said: “Whatyaupta?” I got a fright and dropped my camera on the cobble. “I’ll see when I see it,” I said tentatively in a tiny shivering voice. It was just a street sweeper. He smiled at me and said: “Ughuh.” (I think he meant “I see.”) His two front teeth were missing.

The next day I walked in a lift in a public building. There was someone inside already but all I saw was a vague silhouette because I don’t stare at people. The door shut. Suddenly my hand was firmly grabbed and there was a loud scream: “Aaww, what a cute colour!” I would have collapsed but I couldn’t because I was held. It was just a cleaning woman who really liked my nails. Still, I could hardly stir when she took the lift to the cellar, where she exited.

Something is fundamentally wrong. Is it me or is it the cleaning people? What’s your experience?

4 thoughts on “The Affection of Sweepers and Cleaners

  1. My dear I am concerned for your safety do I need to send bodyguards out and sheesh people grabbing your hand. Not that I am surprised as I’ve already commented on your nice polish before and it appears you have nice toes! It appears you are easy to approach or so they think which can only be a good thing right? 😀


    1. You’re so sweet! Really. I am concerned for my safety too – but I never know if it’s me being overprotective of my personal space or if it’s the overfriendly people. No bodyguard needed though, I’m carrying in my purse a photo of my big bald husband and I won’t hesitate to use it when in straits! Anyway, thank you for reading!


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