What I love most about my cat Ella is that she loves me back unconditionally. I don’t think that much can be said for most persons.

This is my regular rather than Random Moment in Delight in response to FireBonnet’s eponymous challenge #7.

8 thoughts on “Unconditionally

  1. If I were to look at my life to find the source of the MOST moments of delight I’ve had it would be with my animals. You are right that animals simply love you, for just being you. I think it’s also easier to love an animal than a human, less complicated certainly! Ella is beautiful… soaking up the earth and bathing in the sun. Thank you so much for joining RMoD again this week. You rock!


    1. Very true. I didn’t have too much time to elaborate on my RMoD this week, but I wanted to join still and you said it all for me! You’re the best hostess 🙂


  2. You are so right. My 17 yr old cat isn’t well she has hyperthyroidism and is on meds and lost so much weight :-(. But she still purrs no matter what and comes to find me when I am on the sofa.

    Oddly my male cat is not
    interested in me at all and only likes my husband!!


    1. Poor dear! 17 is a great age for a cat, though.

      Males are weird. Even male cats are weird, as your cat proves.

      My other cat is female but she likes nobody. Or rather, she likes people and other cats in her own way… Sometimes she wouldn’t allow me to touch her and other times she purrs happily away; she hisses at my other cat but she brings her prey to eat. She’s a moody lady, that one.


  3. Isn’t it wonderful the love they share? My baby, Tori (a beautiful tortoiseshell calico) died a year and a half ago but we have 2 dogs and now two cats that I love to snuggle with and play with. They are just phenomenal.


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