#201 Inifinity

#201 Inifinity


This is a cut-out of someone’s gate which looks to me like the symbol for infinity.

12 thoughts on “#201 Inifinity

        1. I wish I could be zen more often. Such as an hour ago, when I was happily having a shower and the water suddenly stopped because there’s an emergency somewhere in the village, as I found later. Perfect. I’m all soap and waiting for them to fix the darn thing.


          1. Ugh. Thank you for the advice. I’m not going to take it, though. There is a water pump in the garden but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were frozen. Please don’t poke fun at an unhappy person… πŸ˜‰


  1. I can see the sign of infinity, and the owls eyes, and a pair of John Lennon glasses. and I’m so sorry you were all soapy and nowhere to rinse! I hope things have gotten better!


    1. Absolutely! Lennon glasses! How did I not see it sooner? I love it that each of us sees different things in the picture. I love the diversity!

      I hope to write a funny column about my showering incident…


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