Hoover Wizard

Hoover Wizard


The hoovering may not actually do itself, but with this new toy, it comes very close to it. Roomba the robotic hoover disappointed, but this Electrolux stick cleaner is a sensation. My husband loves the head light on its bumper so much that he started cleaning with it. Unprecedented.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Home.

24 thoughts on “Hoover Wizard

  1. I need a hoover, but a specific hoover, because of my back pain I cant use anything heavy, but i have two dogs, two cats, the place gets sooo messy including two children so want something light that gets in to those hard corners and does the job well, does this one sound like it is up to the job or is it quite heavy? It’s good to get opinions/feedback 🙂


    1. Well, this particular one weights three kilo and is extremely easily to manipulate. No bending, no heavy lifting. I’m sure most of the stick cleaners have similar features, so it doesn’t need to be an Electrolux 🙂

      Maybe the Roomba would be good for you? I was disappointed that mine doesn’t really clean all the corners, so I only use it for the bedroom now because it gets easily under the bed…


      1. Oh no I have no space under beds lol. Also this would be for just downstairs and I need corners done and I think the dog would chase a remote one lol. Electrolux has a good reputation


        1. Hehe 🙂 Sure you have no space under the bed. We do because there is just two of us. The dog would probably chase it, so would the cats if they are good sports – one of my cats chases pretty much everything, me including.

          I hate to sound like I’m promoting some brand, but I before buying, I checked independent tests on cleaners and Electrolux ranked best. Of course, this may be different in different countries, probably depending on what’s on the market.

          By the way, I love it how our conversations evolve around nudity and cleaning 🙂


    1. Yes, I know, fabulous for sure! I checked on Dyson and it can be had here, but it costs more than my month’s earnings, so it’s no real option to me…


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