Day 29: Organise and Organise More

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s task is to draft an editorial calendar. To a person who organises everything (I mean everything) in her life, it would be more of a challenge not to have an editorial calendar already.

I’m immodestly proud of having published each of my Project 365 photos precisely at midnight of each day. I ridiculously insist on publishing all other posts on the hour because irregular numbers make me cringe (prime numbers are the worst). This is all the more hysterical when considering that my current blog theme does not show the hour when a post was published (!).

My editorial calendar follows the goal of publishing post a day plus an additional feature post for three days of the week. There is the Monday haiku, the Wednesday quote and the Saturday cat picture. That’s about as much as I can manage without either cloning myself or going crazy. I’ve already lost some life by blogging. I’d hate to lose even more of it, in case I need it later.

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