My Cat Thinks I’m Mad

My Cat Thinks I’m Mad

Her judging face.
Her judging face.

My cat has serious concerns regarding my recent behaviour. I stopped going out in the garden for her sake only and took on some activities there that do not involve her. No, not gardening, I’m not that mad.

I started to go out with a small flat red object and waving it quite pointlessly in the air. It is a compact camera, but my cat doesn’t acknowledge the notion of photography. She keeps on poking in the thing, which doesn’t really improve my focus. Repeated sniffings proved that the thing was not eatable and hence useless. Why do I keep on carrying it on me?

I spend much time squatting or lying flat on the ground holding the thing and doing nothing. My cat neither acknowledges macro photography nor does she approve of it. I must be insane to lie stretched out in the snow with the red thing in front of me. It would make sense if I rolled on my back and meowed while at it, but I don’t.

The only sensible explanation is that I lost sense. Did I? And did you?

Say what?

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