Day 23: Alternative Kudos Giveaway

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s task is to put together a roundup of my favourite posts. This is what I meant to do with entire blogs rather than posts and I’m quite positive that I will do it soon enough. But today is one of the days when I don’t feel like following the prompt to the letter. It’s so awfully mainstream.

This is therefore an act of wilful defiance of given instructions and the result of a deliberate decision not to compile a list of my three favourite posts but a list of my three favourite non-mainstream (more or less) utilities that I suggest trying instead of their more popular alternatives.

  • If you want to keep in touch, instead of Facebook, try Skype. Unlike on Facebook, on Skype you don’t have to type smiley faces because you make them right on your web camera.
  • If you want to photograph, instead of Instagram, try Flickr. Unlike Instagram, Flickr won’t put instant filters on your snaps, so you’ll actually feel like you’re making some artistic effort.
  • If you want to post-edit pictures, instead of Adobe Photoshop, try Corel Paintshop. It’s like Adobe, but five times cheaper. That would be reason enough, but it’s also five times prettier.

For more unwanted advice, contact me via pigeon post. See, I’m all for non-mainstream alternatives.

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