Day 16: Thirty Seconds to a Post

Part of series From Scratch to Super(Wo)man: My Take on the Zero-to-Hero Challenge

Today’s homework is to participate in the Daily Prompt Challenge. The instructions of the current prompt are to write about your reputation, but the catchword is simply “You”. This is embarrassingly easy, as you can take and post a selfie and legitimately complete the task in under a minute. (Or in under thirty seconds, if you pull a selfie out of your archives, of which I’m guilty as charged.)

To make it appear that I spent a plenty of time and consideration on my response, I carefully post-edited the selfie (or perhaps clicked a few random adjustments in my photoshop, but I wouldn’t tell) and made it complete with a brief metaphorical description. I spent the remaining twenty seconds leaning back and contemplating the fruit of my hard labour with pleasure and pride in my craft.

Please note: this post is written tongue-in-cheek. My cheek hurts already, so I can’t write more for now.

5 thoughts on “Day 16: Thirty Seconds to a Post

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