Ella is checking out what’s up. Is she satisfied or disappointed that it’s just me?

2 thoughts on “Whatsup

  1. Hi!!

    I’ve decided to comment on this lovely pic because I’m really amazed that your cat let you take its picture from above and from so close.(I thought cats were easily scared)

    Well,remember the voucher code I sent you? If you haven’t yet used it,you can now do so at the New Year sale which the Folio Society is currently holding.I joined in June 2013 and,prior to the current sale,only knew the one in Spring,but according to long-time members,the current sale is quite lacklustre.(maybe they expected more discounts on the more popular books)

    Still,there are many good books available in that sale.I besides purchased 7 great books (my record for 1 order so far) at bargain prices.

    I hope you’ll find a book that suits your taste.

    Happy New Year. 🙂


    1. Hello and thanks for stopping by!

      From my humble experience, cats are scared by noise, so they don’t really mind cameras – the cat in the photo is extremely cuddly, she keeps on poking me with her nose whenever I fail to rub her and loves to be held – so I have trouble getting other pictures of her than close ups!

      Well, you shouldn’t encourage me to talk about cats, I could go like this for ages…

      Thank you for the Folio Society reminder! Yep, I’m keeping an eye on it! I still haven’t decided, so I guess it’s really about time to choose one…


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