Boiled Egg

Boiled Egg


I’m a true academic-theoretician who can’t even boil an egg. The last time I tried, I decided that lowering the egg in the boiling water on a spoon was unnecessary pampering and so I just dropped it in. The result was not fit for eating, which plunged me in an existentialist mood.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Food.

8 thoughts on “Boiled Egg

  1. You’ll thank me forever:

    Put an egg into a small pot. Fill the pot with enough water to just cover the egg. Add a dash of salt. Bring the water to a boil, and then take it off the stove and cover the pot. 15-20 minutes later, pour out the water, rinse with a bit of cold water, and presto, change-o, voila! Perfect hard-boiled egg. No need to fuss with spoons.

    If you want a soft-boiled egg, I imagine you’d just leave it for less than 15 minutes, but I haven’t tried that yet.


    1. Oh my, really?! Why didn’t my mother teach me this? Though I swore that I’d never cook again, I think I’ll try this cool recipe 😉 ! And yes, thank you forever…


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