#095 Pale Sunset

#095 Pale Sunset


The sun also rises. I mean: the sun also sets.

4 thoughts on “#095 Pale Sunset

    1. Thank you! I admit I did some post-editing to the colours. I like to play with the various Photoshop tools and filters – which is probably a sign of a bad photographer, but then, I don’t claim to be one…


      1. Oh, there are many photographers that will tell you that you’re not good UNTIL you can edit in Photoshop. 😉 Ansel Adams reportedly spent hours in the darkroom, printing and reprinting and constantly editing until the picture came out the way he wanted it to.

        Most photos need a little bit of tweaking – I personally try to keep that as minimal as possible, but I recognize that it needs to happen. I don’t like the ones that end up look obviously processed, but most of the time, just bumping the colors a bit or playing with the contrasts results in a better picture 🙂


        1. Interesting! I still believe that a good photographer is the one who shoots the picture in such a way that it needs little or no editing. But I’m glad that Photoshop editing is not universally condemned as an act unworthy of a true photographer…


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