#085 Twa Corbies

#085 Twa Corbies


How often do you get a hand-written personalised thank-you note from a publisher? My new favourite publisher is Two Ravens Press, in Scots “Twa Corbies”.

3 thoughts on “#085 Twa Corbies

  1. Hi again!
    You might wonder why I’m commenting on a faraway post,but I’ll explain.
    Being a member of the Folio Society,I have been given a postal card to send to a person of my choice.The card contains a voucher code for any book,and only applies to non-members.So I’ve chosen you.

    Here is the code: xxxx
    1.You choose your book.
    2.You go to the check-out.
    3.Apply code.
    4.Get 10GBP off.

    Shipping is 4GBP,so all in all you’ll get 6GBP off.The books are costlier than paperbacks and hardbacks.(around 28 GBP),so you might think that the discount code is almost useless.- but the books are worth every penny!

    There is an upcoming sale in January,so you might want to wait before using the code.(you will get 10GBP off + the sale’s discount).

    Another thing you should know:
    1.It happens very very rarely,but sometimes the book might come with a bump.Contact the FS and they’ll gladly send a replacement.But because of their excellent packaging and the slipcases,books always come in excellent conditions!

    I hope you’ll find a book to your taste. 🙂
    Of course there’s no obligation,you can discard the voucher if you wish to.


    1. Wow! Thank you so so much! You’re very considerate! I’ll wait for the January, as you suggest, but I’m sure I’ll use the code – I just browsed their online shop and their books are simply beautiful. Exactly to my taste. Thank you again!

      P.S.: I took the liberty of deleting the code from your comment so that no one else could use it. I saved it for myself 🙂 …


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