Wrong Suspicions

Wrong Suspicions


Could you make a bomb out of hand gel, perfume and lip gloss? Neither could I. Apparently, the airport security suspected otherwise. I suspect it might have been my Eastern European passport that made me suspect.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Snark Bombs, Away!

10 thoughts on “Wrong Suspicions

  1. Ha! I guess they might think you’ve replaced the contents with something more ‘explode-able’? My friend had to put on his ‘man’ moisturiser in front of airport security to prove it was not dangerous just so he could keep it.


    1. What a funny story! From the POV of the security people, I do understand that caution is crucial; on the other hand, some precautions are simply ridiculous. Luckily, I wasn’t asked to apply my lip gloss and perfume and then to wash my hands with the gel to prove I was harmless…


  2. Lol. Reminded me of that time in Heathrow airport when a snow globe souvenir was confiscated from a really old couple. I felt so sorry for the passengers who were begging the security officers to give it back to them as it’s a present for their grandson. 😦


    1. Oh, that’s so sad! Poor dears…

      Now I’m reminded of that time when I was still a smoker and by sheer accident smuggled a lighter on board. I discovered my mistake while still in air and nearly died of fear that I’d be arrested right after landing and thrown to Guantanamo.


  3. I hate everything that impedes freedom.And the rules and regulations one has to abide by when taking a plane is among them! Yet I can’t but see in them some sense ; terrorists in the past have so bombed airplanes that airport officials can never be too cautious.

    On a side note,while reading the other conversations,I was surprised to learn that you are a former smoker! It’s pretty hard to imagine you with a cigarette! But mind you,there’s no prejudice attached from my part! 🙂


    1. I feel ambivalent about the regulations on plane travel and in other areas — I realise the necessity of precautions but sometimes it’s just ridiculous. I mean, if you knew me in person, you’d see that by the very look of me I’m the least unlikely terrorist ever. At least I have funny stories to tell 🙂

      Yep, I used to smoke at college; I was this kind of smoker who smokes when nervous — not the kind of smoker who smokes when relaxed, to socialise and such. You’re right, everyone was astonished to see that I’m a smoker; now everyone is amazed that I quit! My quitting was mostly incidental, but of course I’m happy to have got rid of the costly and inconvenient habit!


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