#042 Organising

#042 Organising


My sense of organisation is unlimited. My drawers stand silent witnesses.

16 thoughts on “#042 Organising

          1. Haha, these comments were clearly not designed for chatting — we made a deal that I will come to organise you and you will not come to un-organise me, if that makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰


          2. Quick question how did you in your navigation tab link your category posts in the category button on the nsvigation page actually to all your specific category posts? Hope that makes sense


          3. OK, so I have this “Category” widget in my sidebar which lists all available categories. I clicked one of the categories, the one I wanted, and it took me to a page where all posts from the category were listed. I copied the web address from the address bar and used it for the link. Does this help?


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