I’m Eastern European by birth and residence. It was forced on me. I feel honorary Scottish by affection and inclination. I chose it for me.

In response to the WordPress Daily Prompt: Name That… You!

14 thoughts on “Identity

  1. At one point I even believed you lived in Scotland!
    Czech and Scottish is a rare,if not unique, combination! 🙂
    (Well,I surmise that you live in the Czech Republic)


    1. I’d absolutely love to live in Scotland! I certainly feel Scottish by inclination 🙂 Sadly, you’re right, I live in the Czech Republic, the border between civilised Western Europe and the more messed up Eastern Europe — outwardly, we like to pretend we’re part of the west, but actually we’re very much part of the east. So it’s more like, say, the Ukraine, than Germany, for example.


      1. Speaking about that,how does it feel to be from the Czech Republic? Do you venerate your stars – Pavel Nedved,ex Ballon D’or, Petr Cech, Chelsea Keeper, Milan Kundera,of the most original authors of the late 20th century? Or is it something normal to have stars in the country?
        And what about Kafka? Even though he wrote in and spoke German,do Czech people regard him as one their own?
        And how does it feel to have Prague as your capital,a place where so many people dream of visiting?

        I know I’m asking many questions,but it is very rare to encounter a Czech! I think you’re going to be the only Czech I will have come across in my life!


        1. Thank you for this wonderfully curious comment — and if you won’t mind, I’m just now working on my answer to you that I will publish as a separate post. All the answers and a little extra will be there 😀


          1. You’re welcome! The post will go live later today. It’s a bit negative, somehow it turned out that way 😦

            I just realised I forgot to respond to the bit about Kafka — you’re right, he’s labelled a Prague German Jewish writer and since Prague is our capital, we do claim Kafka as our own guy 🙂

            About sports, though, I think hockey is slightly more popular here than football. In hockey we’ve got Jaromir Jagr, but again, he plays in the US, not here.

            Now, can I expect a post about Mauritius on your part? 😉


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